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Standart Tom and Silkie: Romance on the ferry ''Q

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Tom and Silkie: Romance on the ferry ''QThe blast of the boat horn stopped our conversation.The Washington State Ferries, particularly this one, on this day, were perhaps not the select place for a sexual liaison. I knew Silkie pretty well by now. She was not easily discouraged. "Are we gonna do this?"We roamed the ship. We would stop in the passages and little alcoves that we could find. Because of the weather, few people were leaving the large passenger area on deck 2 with the over-priced under-cooked food and the bad coffee. If some institute of passion issued degrees in kissing, groping, innuendo and direct invitation, then surely Silkie wouldbe a post-doctoral fellow, as it were. We were bundled up for the rough weather, but underneath all that, I was starting to heat up. Silkie was rubbing me, kissing me in her mad way. After a search of the entire huge ship, welocated a women's restroom, kind of hidden away on the car deck. Everything on those boats was designed to beseaworthy. It was all steel, stainless steel, and gray paint. There were no soft edges. Sex for me starts with, at least, the idea of soft edges. The only soft edges were part of her. She was completely covered, from her wool hat to her peacoat, down to her jeans, boots and long underwear. There was nobody in sight. We slipped inside and bolted the door. The room, being on the car deck, was rocking back and forth. We found a stall. The door was banging with ship's motion, so we locked and bolted that too." Silkie, how do you want to do this?""Doggy, Tom, c'mon, Tom, doggy, I don't want foreplay, I don't want to suck your dick, fuck me, c'mon, baby, I want it right now........."She lowered her jeans, her long underwear, and panties and bent over the toilet bowl. We were trying to keep our feet. I lost my erection as soon as I lowered my pants. I wasn't sure where it went, either.. Her butt cheeks were wet. They were cold. Other parts that needed to be wet or warm weren't." Tom, fuck me with it, c'mon.............."I wanted to. With Silkie, I always wanted to. A soft penis bumping awkwardly against her cold buttocks as we held ontothe wall was the best I could do, but I wanted her........"Okay..........""No, I can't get......."."Tom. That's my back, baby........"."Ouch..owww...Jesus, watch your elbow............."This went on for a while, with the only results seeming like Lucy and Desi having sex, or maybe Lucy and Fred Mertz, the part of "I Love Lucy" you never saw. There was a distinct lack of sexual intercourse.We tried again with Silkie sitting in my lap. In this case, the motion we needed was supplied by the motion of the boat negotiating Rosario Strait, but the erection I needed, that I longed for, was nowhere to be found.........."Okay, baby, one more try..........."Our attempts at illicit mad love in the women's restroom, stall five, on the car deck of Washington State Ferry ''Quinault" in near gale sea conditions dissolved into laughter. Silkie was laughing. " Okay, Romeo, how 'bout a nice bj? C'mon, I want to do something with you..." The blow job that followed wasn't successful. Silkie could always, always bring back izmir escort a lost erection, but neither of us could keep our balance long enough for penis and mouth to mesh so that anything like fellatio could occur. Successful blow jobs usually require sustained contact. On the horniest days of my life, it takes me forever to reach an orgasm that way. Standing up, sitting down, Silkie on her knees in that cramped space... when Silkie tried to grab my butt with one hand and my penis with the other, we both lost our balance, fell right onto the cold wet steel deck...So much for romance...............Ten minutes later, drinking coffee in the dining area:"Okay, if we can't do it on this boat today, I'm going to talk about sex, Tom, I know that always, always gets you going.............""Okay, Silkie, you told me that great story about some sex you had with a boy named Steve at your parent's pool or something like that. That was a wild story. You were thirteen, the boy was a senior in high school?""Oh, I'll bet you liked that, you perv........"The boat was rocking. Washington State Ferries are huge, it takes a lot of seas to move them around. The rain was horizontal to the windows. " Was that all true, or did you make some of it up?""Tom. I'm nineteen now, I was thirteen when it happened, of course, it's all true, do you think I would make that up? Sometimes I think you know me, sometimes I don't think you have a clue, pal, honest to god, not a fucking clue. Listen to me, please."" I have some compulsions and a weird and big, probably too big, sexual appetite. I have to tell the truth, even when I don't want to. Even when it gets me in a mess. Sometimes I can tell little lies; like when I've got some scheme going as I did with that boy, Steve.""I told him that I .............uh. I told him, remember, that I liked sucking him, when I didn't at all, I told him he was too big for my mouth?""Yeah, I remember that....""Any man would be too big for my mouth if they try to do me as he did. Oh no, Tom, all of it, I might have left some parts out that were just so personal that it was hard to find the right words.............that whole afternoon changed my life. After that, I felt no boy or man could blow any smoke up Silkie's butt about sex; I felt stronger and smarter and sexier than any man or boy, and for the most part, I still do. ""You know, I didn't blow Steve that time or any other time I saw him after that, I just kept thinking up other stuff to do that would blow his mind instead.""But after that afternoon I got interested in blow jobs, and the whole business with my mouth and somebody's dick and how that was supposed to work, and how it really worked or mostly didn't when I did it. When you are the same age as your partner, thirteen or f******n years old, and neither of you knows that much............. to me, it's kind of like learning the piano, there's such a difference between talking about it, and then actually sitting down in front of the keyboard, using fingers and feet and brain to make the music come out.........."" After Steve, I messed around more. I learned some stuff. I liked to reach down izmir escort bayan and touch a boy's boner after we had been kissing for a while. That was always a surprise when little Silkie took the first move. Did that get them excited? Oh God did it ever. I got to see how erections work, I guess you could say that. I was having a lot of fun. Sometimes I would kiss the boy and rub him till he came in his pants. It was so great when I figured out I could do that with just my hand, kissing and some sexy words. But you know how sex is, after a while some of the dicks were popping out, and sometimes I was doing hand-jobs and sometimes with my mouth, though not that much. I know that the boys loved it if I went down on them, but I was not liking it that much. I liked that I could control them and the situation, mostly, I just wasn't that crazy about the dick in my mouth stuff.""Two boys with their pants around their ankles, in the back seat of this big van at the back edge of the school parking lot. It was a nice May afternoon after school. They were grinning and their penises were straight up in the air. Big teenage boy dicks, one cut, the other not. I loved seeing that. Loved it. Me, f******n years old, shirt and bra off. My breasts were as big then as they are now. I got both of them to kiss and suck my breasts. I was bossy. When they stopped, I told them to keep going if they wanted anything from me. After I got them to do that a lot, both of them, then I started getting excited. Boys always think girls are excited when they aren't. But I was getting there. I was doing them. Blowing them. First I did one boy and then the other, going back and forth. I had them slide their cocks between my tits, between my boobs, one after the other. I even tried to put both dicks in my mouth at the same time. One of the boys was rubbing me through my pants. The radio was playing something by Sonny and Cher and I could hear the birds and the noises of k**s and people outside. Victim? Oh no. Are you k**ding me? I didn't feel like a victim that day at all. It was mostly my idea to be out there with them in the first place. It was liberating for me. I could have fucked them both too, but I didn't. I didn't want to lose control for a second.""That was the day I started to like my boobs. I had always thought they were so big and weird and ugly, but these boys, and I thought they were boys, not men, they seemed to be in awe, or something, I don't know, but I got a big buzz from that.""I let them shoot all over my tits. Watching them jack off and do that was nice, but it was kind of like I was above all this, watching all this stuff happen. I don't know how to explain it. They were talking all dirty, just boys, rubbing their dicks on my boobs, spreading the stuff around. I took my finger, scooped up some, looked at them, stuck my tongue out and tasted it. Yuck. I thought these boys were going to go nuts. I hadn't tasted any since that day with Steve. I swallowed it anyway. Double Yuck."" Boys think it's so sexy when they come. Well, it is, kinda, but the stuff itself? Icky, sticky and gross, I think. If it lands escort izmir on my body or my boobs, okay, but if it gets on my face, ooooooooo, get me a towel! Since I started fucking, I want it to go right up me where it's supposed to, thank you very much. Little Silkie will take care of havin' no babies. I'm not gay, but I like sex with women 'cause I don't have to put up with that. I never have to wipe shit out of my hair and hope I got it all. Sometimes, like with you and not even all the time then, I think that cum, jizz, whatever you call it, that stuff itself is hot. Mostly it's just part of sex I have to put up with. And Tom, I do. I do. I love the intimacy of the whole thing.""Tom; don't look at me all hurt-faced. I'm just being honest. I will do you, you can come on me, in me, in my mouth, okay, c'mon now, you peed on me and I loved it because I like you.""I've got to kiss you, Tom, right now, please, I don't care how many people are looking at us. I wish I could do you right now, right here."Silkie was a wonderful kisser. Years later, my head still spins." I love being close to you. I will do that with you, for you. I'm going to fuck you with stockings on, so I feel all silky against your hips. I want to feel you rub your cummy dick all over my face. I think my soft cheeks will feel nice against your cock head right after you come. Have you ever fucked a woman right after she has fucked another guy? When her puss is loaded?. I want you and Leo to fuck me like that, one right after the other, and tell me how it feels, Tom. I think that my puss will be super hot from the friction of Leo's dick in there, plus his whole hot load will in me too. I want you to push your cock in the middle of that and I want to feel it when you fill my pussy, too. I will do some shit I don't like to make you happy. When you do my ass, when you stick your big dick up my ass; it hurts. It fucking hurts. I would give you my ass, in a fuckin' minute, lover. right here, right now, if I thought we wouldn't be arrested. Tom, you are not a woman. No periods, no hate your boobs, no hate your ass, no hate your face, no stretch marks, no pregnant, no cramps, no PMS, no UTI, aching boobs; junkie boyfriends who take everything, making babies, having babies: prostate cancer? Fuck you.........can't get it up? .......Fuck you." "Get up on the table and push a baby out, fucker.""All my female relatives on both sides of my family. Big titted Ashkenazic women like me. We all die of breast cancer ..........I probably will too.""I love you, Tom, love you, but I don't think you will ever get what is to be a girl and then a woman. My dad grew up in Cleveland. He was a little Jewish blind k** who grew up in a kind of tough neighborhood, His parents were like non-practicing atheists, so he didn't even have "Jewish" as something he could grab on to, but in those days, in Cleveland, if your name was Greenburg, you took crap for being Jewish even if you weren't exactly. My dad said his dad told him. "When you go out there on the street, just remember, don't let those Polish an' Italian k**s run you around. you ain't nobody's lunch meat"."Listen. Don't treat me like your old lunch meat, 'cause I ain't." (laughing) I will leave you if you do that. I'll be gone. I'm going to sing opera for a living.........that is what I'm going to do whether you are with me or not.".
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