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Standart In Therapy

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In TherapyTim looked at the shiny plaque outside the door and his heart sank. He was pretty pissed that it had come to this, that his wife had sent him here of all places. He supposed it was to do with her strict catholic upbringing that she just didn't understand him - or even tolerate him - at all anymore. It wasn't always like that, she was fun once and liked to try new things, but after the birth of their son things changed. She was distant and never wanted to touch him let alone have sex. He sighed and walked in, gathering all the positivity he could muster, and addressed the receptionist. A plain girl, he thought, but I'm sure she must be good enough at her job. "I'm here for the 5.30 appointment with Dr Benedict. Tim Williams."The receptionist looked up with a sigh of relief. "Thank God for that, I thought I was about to hit overtime there if you were running late. Have a seat the doctor will be right with you."She hit a button on her phone. "Your 5.30 is here Dr Benedict." There was an inaudible murmur from the speaker, and the receptionist tutted. She gathered her coat and bag together quickly and stood up. "The doctor will be out in a minute, there's magazines if you get bored. I'll leave you to it, big night out for me tonight so I escape the madhouse early for a change! Call in the morning if you need me to book another session."And with that she was out the door like lightning. Tim settled in his chair and picked up a gossip mag. Full of inane celebrities with their tits out, he thought. Fantastic. He mused on what kind of guy this doctor would be - and how secretly judgemental of his proclivities he would actually be. Of course ther****ts cant say so, but they have the same thoughts as everyone else - men who like a little bit of bondage now and again and watch porn just that bit too often are perverts and r****ts and blah blah. They just have to appear to understand and try to figure out why, like you weren't breastfed as a baby or daddy didnt take you to football often enough. Nonsense. He was only going along with this for Amelia's sake, maybe if he showed he tried she would let him back into her bed. He looked at his watch. 5.30 on the dot. The door to the office opened. Punctual if nothing else, he thought. He put the magazine down and looked up. And his jaw dropped. A dark haired woman emerged from the doorway, immaculately dressed with skysc****r heels and a tight bun in her hair and silk scarf round her throat. Wow. Was this another secretary? The previous patient leaving? "Mr Williams?" The woman came towards him and extended her hand. "Paula Benedict. Pleased to meet you."Still in shock, he stood up and shook her hand. He had the impression it was Paul Benedict on the scrap of paper Amelia had handed him after she had booked the appointment for him. Things might be looking up, he thought."Please, come in and take a seat."The office was ultra modern, as the rest of the building had been. White leather sofas, glass tables, artwork on the walls that he knew must be expensive as he thought it was awful. He sat on one sofa and Benedict on a chair to the left of it."Please make yourself comfortable, I tend to favour the traditional psychiatrist set up of patient lying on the couch and me on the chair. Does that work for you?" She sat a clipboard down on the konak escort glass coffee table."Absolutely. Its my first therapy session, Doctor, so I'm happy to be led by you." He slipped his shoes off and lay on the couch, head a little up on the arm."So, I gather your wife made the appointment for you? Care to tell me a little about that?" He could see out the corner of his eye she was settling back and crossing her legs. Her beautiful long legs. He tried to focus."Yes, erm, well she did. I dont go in much for talking to people about my issues but she insisted. She thinks I need help.""And do you?""I dont know. Sometimes I think so, but frankly I'm a pretty happy guy. I don't see anything wrong with what I like to get up to in the bedroom. And she never used to have a problem with it either."Benedict sat forward a little. "So what DO you like to get up to in the bedroom?"Tim shifted a little uncomfortably. "We can talk openly then can we? I mean, you won't sit in judgement?""Of course not. That is certainly not why I am here. Go on. I want to know what you like. All of it." She sounded a little bossy, Tim thought. He rather liked it. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad telling this doctor after all."I love bondage. Simple as that. I love tying Amelia up with handcuffs, chains, ropes, ties...anything that will bind her. I love to BE tied up by her, to have the power taken away from me. To be blindfolded while she does whatever she likes with me, sucking me or fucking me I don't care, as long as I have the restriction. I like to be scratched til I bleed, to have my nipples pulled between teeth, have my balls spanked or whipped. I love it all. I want her to wear beautiful corsets and crotchless panties and dress up like a slut for me. I've even fantasised about her fucking me with a dildo but she never would. I watch porn every day to get a release, so I can see others being fucked and fucking the way I want to..." Tim stopped. He waited for a response from the doctor as she had sat very still, listening to the outburst which had just made him feel like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. "Is that so bad?"Benedict sat back in her chair and re-crossed her legs. "No, its not. Not at all"There was something in her tone which made him curious. "You dont sound at all taken aback or disgusted." He was so used to Amelia's disgust that he expected it."That's because I'm not." She sat forward and pulled a pin out of her bun and her hair fell down around her shoulders. Though she was still behind him, he knew it was meant to be a provocative gesture. Stop it, he thought. Stop thinking like that. He looked round at her legs and those heels again. He felt his manhood start to stiffen. Stop it.Benedict stood up and walked towards her desk. She opened the drawer and took something out, he couldn't see what. She walked over to him. This time she did not sit behind him, but kneeled on the carpet next to him. His eyes widened. Seemed an unusual thing to do. Then he saw her eyes gaze towards his ever growing erection."Sorry," he said. "Its speaking of my desires and needs, I can't help what turns me on.""I don't want you to help it. I want you to embrace it."Then he saw what she had brought out the drawer. It was an expensive looking dildo. One of the artistic glass ones. konak escort bayan That was not what he expected to see.She laid the dildo on the coffee table behind her. "We'll get to that later."She reached over to his bulging cock and through his jeans rubbed firmly. Tim moaned. She rubbed harder until it couldnt have gotten any bigger. She unzipped his jeams and pulled his cock out. Tim gasped. Gently, she lowered her mouth down around the tip and licked gently. It wasn't long before the gentleness gave way to hard, passionate sucking all the way down his length. He moaned with pleasure and thought he was about to erupt when she stopped. "No, no." she said. "Not yet."She stood up and slowly undid her blouse buttons. It was a light white silk blouse which just fell off her body to reveal the most luscious corsetry. Silk and lace, properly boned, a work of art. He wondered how she worked in that all day. Then she dropped her skirt slowly, and kicked it off. The bottom half was even more beautiful than the top. To Tim's surprise she wore no panties, and was completely smooth. She wore stockings, of course, which she showed no signs of taking off, much to his pleasure. The heels looked like they were staying too. She reached over and grabbed his jeans. "These need to come off." He helped her get his jeans and boxers off. Feeling very exposed and vulnerable lying with his cock on full display for her, he felt more and more aroused. Slowly, Benedict undid the scarf from round her neck. She pulled his hands up above his head and tied them tight. He really thought he was about to cum all over himself right at that moment. He had never been so aroused, certainly not with Amelia, and certainly not in years.She climbed onto the sofa and kneeled between his legs. Yet again she took his full length in her mouth and greedily sucked. She drew her nails down both sides of his chest - hard. He groaned in pain and pleasure. She did it again and again. Tiny drops of blood began to appear along the scratches. Tim gasped. She stopped sucking and raised herself up on her knees. Sliding her hand between her legs, she began to caress her soft lips and she was visibly aroused. She stroked faster and harder, sliding her fingers deeper inside herself. He could see from the lack of resistance that she was wet. Very wet. He moaned yet again. She looked down at him in approval. She leaned across and grasped the glass dildo in hand and slowly pushed it inside herself, in and out, in and out. He was hypnotised by the motion and having to try harder than ever before to stop from shooting his load all over both of them. She pleasured herself without touching him for what seemed like an eternity until he said "Please, please. I need you to sit on my face. Hold my arms firm, dont let me move. Please, sit on my face right now."She stopped sliding the dildo in and out and smiled at him. She opened her legs wider and crawled up his body. She lowered her smooth, wet pink pussy over his lips and felt his tongue exploring straight away. He was desperate to taste her. He licked and sucked and greedily lapped up all the juices she had just produced with with dildo. She writhed on top of him, rocking back and forth, thrusting on to his face while she made sure he was totally restrained. escort konak He moaned as he licked and could not stop himself any longer, as he exploded all over his belly. She stopped thrusting and moved back down his body. To his amazement, she started licking the white liquid from his belly and then started to suck his still rock hard cock again. He moaned and begged her to stop - but half heartedly. He certainly did not want her to stop, ever. She lowered her pussy on to him and rocked slowly at first, he grew harder and harder again inside her, he had never felt like this in years. He pulled his arms down and grasped her breast through the corset. She pushed him away. "No. You do not get to touch." She pushed his arms back over his head. She increased her rocking now, she was fucking him hard. He was sure the whole office block could hear his groans of pleasure, but she didn't seem to care. He could see her passion increasing, she was getting flushed, groaning, almost screaming at times until she tightened around him and he knew she had orgasmed. She climbed off him. He was so aroused, he thought he could definitely erupt again, but if she was finished takng her pleasure, he would probably just masturbate in the car after leaving. He tried to sit up but she pushed him back down. "Really? You think thats it?" She had a wicked smile. "Isn't it?" Tim was puzzled. "Oh no. I have one more pleasure for you." She took hold of the glass dildo in one hand and slowly caressed his member with the other. Then she leaned over and licked his balls. Then a little further back. And a little further until her tongue was almost inside him. He gasped, it was amazing. He stiffened even further. She pushed the dildo back inside herself and began to rock, covering it in her wetness. She made it so slippery and wet, and brought it back out. She held it aloft to him. "You want this?" She asked? He nodded, he could barely speak now.She slid her fingers into her mouth and made them very wet. They found their way to his opening and pushed their way in. Tim felt a sharp but very pleasurable pain, and her fingers worked their magic even more. She pulled her fingers out, and keeping her eyes firmly fixed on his, pushed the dildo slowly in, little by little. She used her other hand to stroke his huge cock as slowly as she was pushing in. Tim was in heaven. This was it, this was what he had dreamed of. Being fucked by a stunning, dominant, adventurous woman. If had died then he'd have been happy.She pushed in and out of him with the dildo, faster and faster, and used her hand on his cock at the same pace, harder and harder she moved until finally he let out an almightly moan and erupted more than ever before, emptying his manhood over himself and her hand. Totally spent, he lay there, trying to catch his breath, as she removed the glass dildo from inside him and climbed off the sofa. She untied his hands and they flopped by his side. A few moments later and Benedict was dressed in such a way you would have never suspected anything had happened. The bun was sc****d back, and the clothes replaced, including the scarf which had been a main factor in his pleasure. He put his jeans back on, and tried to compose himself before he had to walk back out of the building and to the car. "So what happens now?" he asks."Now?" she said. "Now, you go back to your wife and you tell her you love her. That you'll do anything to keep her and make her happy. Then tomorrow morning, you call my secretary and set up next week's appointment. OK?"Nothing had ever in Tim's life been more OK.
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