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Standart Legjob from the owner of the shop

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Legjob from the owner of the shopThere is a Turkish family in our commercial complex.They have a shop in this complex.They sell medical stuff.Wife and husband , they are working together.Her name is Esengul.And, her husband is not my friend but since we have been working in the same building we know each other.Esengul has more experience according to her husband on medical stuff.She manages the job.She is almost 38 years old.She is not a beautiful woman.But, she always seduce me.She is thin.But always wears sexy tight skirts.And, she always has black pantyhose on legs.Probably her husband can not fuck her well.I always feel that.Sometimes, she comes to our shop and asks me some things about work. (especially when I was alone). But, I never had an occasion to do somethings with her.Because, her husband is always with her.It was on new year's day.All shops had closed in the business complex for the new year celebration.There was nobody around.I had closed too late although it's new year's day.I saw that their shop was still open.I was thinking her husband was in the shop.I saw her waiting in front of the shop.Her husband was not there.How are you.? Where is your husband?He has gone to shopping center to buy somethings.I've been waiting for him.Okay. How are you doing?Not bad..She was wearing a short mini skirt and bright black pantyhose.It was a good occasion for me to watch her legs.Her legs were thin but so sexy.I asked her a few question.I was staring at her sexy legs.Her legs looked so sexy with black pantyhose.She had understood probably.I was staring at her legs like mad.She had understood that I desire her legs.Or she was thinking that I liked her legs.But, my aim was more serious.I was thinking to fuck her leg.I asked her a few unnecessary question.I was staring at her legs while I talk to her.I had a very big desire to fuck her legs there at her shop's upstairs.She couldn't even have guessed it.I had to find a reason to take her to upstairs of her shop.Her shop had a mezzanine.I was thinking that I would be able to fuck her there.I was talking to her about work.I was telling that I have extra money to spend.If she had good products in her stock I would buy.I balçova escort was telling somethings like that.I was trying to find a reason to go second floor with her.Perhaps, Esengul also desired but she was afraid that her husband might come.There was no time.Normally,it was too difficult to be alone with her.I should have used this opportunity to fuck her leg.She had the sexiest legs I had ever seen.I want to buy some medical products if your price is well.Come to me next week then.I'll provide well priced products for you.Next week I may spend this extra money.It's in my pocket.I may spend it now.If you want of course. (I was staring at her legs). I was fucking her legs with my eyes while I stare.I understood that she was bemused.I asked her a medical product.I was guessing that product was in her stock at mezzanine.She looked towards to the door of business complex's. She wanted to be sure that her husband was not coming yet.I was feeling that Esengul had a little fear and a little excitement. She didn't know what would happen.She was not sure.But, she was feeling somethings might be.I was feeling same.I was alone with her.I was so close to fuck her sexy leg.Yes, we have these products at stock.But they are at mezzanine.When I heard that she said that she had these products at mezzanine I was so excited.Can I see them?Sure, but my husband may come. I'm waiting for him.What then? Call him and ask when he may come.She reluctantly called her husband.And, her husband said that he would be able to come in thirty minutes. I was clearly staring at her legs when she was talking to her husband on phone.I was definitely fucking her legs with my eyes.I was clearly looking at her sexy legs.Looking at the legs of Esengul;You will get good money at the last day of the year.I was implying somethings.I'm giving you the ball. I was constantly staring at Esengul's sexy black pantyhosed legs. I decided to fuck her legs there in the shop.In fact, Esengul had a dominant and irritable structure.I was so nervous.I was hesitating.I didn't know how I would be able to begin and do.Because she's an unstable woman.She can suddenly get angry when trying to karabağlar escort fuck her leg upstairs.She could even yell and call.Even, this attempt may finish with a scandal.But she had such sexy legs.My dick was getting harder.Okay, come on then let me show you them at upstairs.She started coming up the narrow stairs of the shop.And, I started to follow her.I was watching her legs when climbing the narrow steps.We went upstairs.It was a narrow and dark place.She turned on the mezzanine's dim light.She was looking for the products at the shelves.Meanwhile, I was watching her sexy legs behind her.She and me were alone.And, her sexy legs were so close to me.She was not aware that I was watching her legs behind her.I began playing with my penis in my pants with my hands.My hands were in my pants's pockets.She turned and asked me something.She was asking about model and type and somethings.I didn't care what she was asking.I was continually playing with my penis.My dick was so stiff.She had noticed that I was playing with my penis.But she was not exactly sure.She was pretending she hadn't noticed.She turned again and began to look for products at the shelf.I slowly approached her and touched slightly.She pretended as if nothing happened.I placed my dick completely behind her over her coat.She was still checking the shelf.I was standing and touching her from behind.She was sometimes pushing her hips towards my penis.And, Esengul's hips and my penis were touching tighter. I was secretly watching her legs while holding my penis on her hip.She suddenly turned with a smile on her face.And, she directly grabbed my penis over my pants and began caressing it.I understood that she was a real bitch.Probably, she was fucking with other guys.And, her husband didn't know.I understood that.She was caressing slowly. I tried to have her coat off.No, don't do. My husband may come.I pulled her coat and skirt up.Your legs make me crazy.She stopped caressing my penis and leaned back on the shelf. I was continuously touching with my penis to her front side.I completely pulled up her skirt..And, I was caressing her pantyhose.You have very sexy legs.You know izmir escort that, don't you.Yes, I know.She had understood what I wanted.She turned towards shelf.And I pulled her one leg towards my penis.She raised her leg.And, I touched her leg with my penis.I began rubbing.Meanwhile, she was checking if her husband was coming.Her shop's door was open.She was looking at the door.And, I was caressing and squeezing her leg.He may come now.She was meaning her husband.She was standing on one leg and I was fucking her other leg.I stopped and opened my pants.I pulled down my shorts.And, she immediately began to caress my penis in her hand.She was caressing my penis and at the same time she was controlling the door.I kept her hand and stopped her caressing.I pulled her one leg towards my naked penis.And, I immediately began rubbing her leg with my penis.I was continually rubbing.Sometimes, I was fingering her behind over the pantyhose.And, she was controlling the door. She understood what I wanted exactly.And, she began moving her leg up and down on my penis. That is, she was masturbating my penis with her leg. I felt I was coming.And, I pulled her leg pressed stronger to my penis.She was still trying to caress my penis with her leg.She hadn't noticed that I was coming to her leg.I began to ejaculating to her leg..I was ejaculating so much to the leg of the Esengul that I thought it would never end.. My sperms had splashed to her leg and shelf.She noticed that I came to her leg.And, she quickly looked at her leg that I ejaculated.Her right leg was full of my sperms.It was so much that my sperms were dripping into and out of her shoe.What did you do ! How quickly !She was looking at her right leg with desperation and regret.At least you should have told me that. We would find a napkin.There is not a new pantyhose here.if I knew it would be like this! It's my fault.Go away, go away! Now my husband will come backYou misunderstood me.I was so excited.That's why I ejaculated so quickly.And I've been crazy for your legs for years.That's why I ejaculated to your leg as soon as I touch my penis.Okay, go now.If you'd told me, I wouldn't let you come to my leg.At least, you would keep a napkin in your hand.You would come into this napkin instead my leg.I see. well, will have a chance again as we did today?I don't know, go now!I left the shop...In the following days,she didn't say hi to me .Now I'm looking forward to the day she's gonna talk to me again.
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